Hoobastank: Every Man For Himself



About the Album:
Hoobastank had already established themselves as a great modern rock band with the release of their hit album “The Reason”. “Every Man For Himself” is made of of songs that are more melodic and less of the faster paced types of songs. “Born To Lead” and “Inside of You” are really the only two tracks on the album with an up-tempo feel and higher energy. For the most part the album is more emotion driven making more of the songs deep and thoughtful. So, while this album lacks some energy throughout, it makes up for it in the department of deep, insightful lyrics.

The songs on this album tend to be catchy and easy to sing along with. To go along with that, the songs seem to flow well throughout the album leaving no dull moments or tracks that necessarily feel out of place. The sound is pretty solid throughout the entire album and the added personal aspect of the lyrics enhance the value of this album.

Some fans may not be to crazy about the softer nature of this album as compared to the bands first two albums. This album lacks some of the overall energy that made those albums good. The only two tracks on the album that demonstrate that energy are “Born To Lead” and “Inside of You”. Other than those two tracks, the remainder of the album is mellow and to add to that, the best songs on the album where the singles with the exception of the track “If Only” towards the end of the album.

Notable Tracks:
Born To Lead
Inside of You
If I Were You
If Only

Grade: 90 (A-)


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