A Day To Remember: Common Courtesy

A Day to Remember, Common Courtesy 2013 album.png


About the Album
Common Courtesy is the fifth album released by “A Day To Remember” and is the follow-up to (What Separates You From Me) which produced one of the bands most well known hits; “All I Want”.  The bands past albums always had some great songs and the rest was filled with decent, but not bad, songs. This album is pretty solid for the most part and there is only one song I can think of that sort of brings down the albums overall quality. But that’s just my personal opinion.

This album is charged with songs that have a lot of heart. This album is much more personal than the bands prior albums and it takes everything that worked so well in the past and seems to have polished off the sound in a way that both long time fans and newcomers to the band will enjoy. This album flows together really well from the start. There is only one track; (Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way) which seems to divert from the flow and path the album takes. Other than that, this is a really good album full of great songs that are filled with a lot of heart!

The only negative thing I have to say about this album is the track (Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way). The track hearkens back to the bands earlier days which some fans may love. It is a fast, loud, aggressive track and that’s fine. What turns me off about it is it’s placement in the track-list. It’s placed in-between two softer tracks in the mid-section of the album where listeners are really starting to engage with the deeper, more emotional side of this band. I find myself skipping this track usually because it throws off the vibe set by the surrounding songs. It may have done better if it where placed before or after the track (Violence Enough Is Enough). That’s really my only complaint about this album, other than that it is a very enjoyable, solid album that is still great to listen to!

Notable Tracks
City of Ocala
Right Back at It Again
Sometimes Your the Hammer, Sometimes Your the Nail
Best of Me
Life @ 11
I Remember

Grade: 90 (A-)


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