Billy Talent: Billy Talent III



About The Album
“Billy Talent III” is punk band, Billy Talent’s third album and it continues the trend of aggressive punk at its core while having more depth in terms of lyrics. In terms of genre, this album leans more in the direction of alternative rock on many songs but, the punk rock roots are still felt in the forms of aggression and angst throughout the album. For the most part, this album sounds like a natural progression of the previous two releases from the band.

This album is filled with heartfelt, powerful songs. While this album does have more of an Alternative rock feel to it as I mentioned above, it still stays true to the bands style and sound. They basically just stepped the tempo down a notch and wrote the same types of songs. None of the songs really relate back to earlier hits like “Line & Sinker” or “This Is How It Goes” off of the bands first album which where tracks that first got me into this band. Overall, this album shows the diversity that this band has and how they can write great songs with different styles.

As mentioned above, this album is lacking in the department of pure aggressive punk tracks that first made this band stand out. I think this is mostly due to the lyrical content and subject matter of the album. Besides that aspect, the songs are all enjoyable and great. I just feel this album could have used a little more tempo in a few spots but it’s still a good album.

Notable Tracks
Devil on My Shoulder
Rusted From The Rain
White Sparrows
Diamond on a Landmine

Grade: 84.5 (B)


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