The Used: Self-Titled

The Used (album).jpg


About The Album
“The Used” was the debut, self-titled album of this now well established hard rock band. The album produced a number of great songs that still hold up today as some of the best rock songs of the early 2000’s. This album is somewhat of a stamp in time for the genre of post-hardcore that surged so well in the early 2000’s.

This is one of those great debut albums that really made an impact on its respected music genre as well as the general rock scene of the time. The Used is sometimes looked at as an “emo” band because of some of the subject matter of certain songs such as “Bulimic” or “Blue and Yellow” from this album as well as certain other songs on other albums. To some, this label is a turn off but this album maintains a sound that blends the emotional side of things with aggression in a way that attracts fans of hard rock and punk as well. This album flows together very well and each song is great in it’s own way. There is no unnecessary fluff on this album.

I don’t have anything negative to say about this album. It’s a stand-out album from a good era of hard rock and post-hardcore music. You may not be to fond of the album if you dislike some screaming and aggression. Other than that, this is a pretty solid rock album from beginning to end.

Notable Tracks
The Taste of Ink
Poetic Tragedy
Buried Myself Alive
A Box Full of Sharpened Objects
Blue and Yellow
Noises and Kisses

Grade: 90.83 (A-)


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