Story of the Year: The Black Swan

The Black Swan (Story of the Year album) coverart.jpg


About the Album
This album is somewhat of a middle-ground between the bands first two albums. It has some of the same elements in terms of sound ranging from energy packed, in your face vocals to a few softer, more melody driven tracks. It also has this overall, more political overtone throughout which is something that came up in a track or two on the bands prior album, “In the Wake of Determination.”

This album starts with an aggressive, statement song, “Choose Your Fate” that really sets the tone for the rest of the album. While there aren’t any other songs as aggressive on the album, this song seems to echo on throughout it. The emotional charge of this album is something that will most likely connect with most listeners. With topics like not knowing what you’ve got until its gone (Wake Up); to knowing your not alone in this world (Tell Me PAC), and fear and struggle (We’re Not Gonna Make It) and (Terrified) this album is bound to have a few songs that should hit home with most listeners.

The only thing that this album lacks in terms of what this band is known for is more aggressive, hard rock type tracks. The lack of them is most likely due to the deeper themes within the music itself. This album is good for what it is but it did steer the band in a more serious, mature sounding direction as compared to their first two albums. Some fans may prefer the first two over this one but for those looking for something a little more deep and personal, this album might be favored.

Notable Tracks
Choose Your Fate
Wake Up
Tell Me (PAC)
Message to the World
We Are Not Gonna Make It

Grade: 8.7 (B)


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