Taking Back Sunday: Louder Now

Taking back sunday louder now.jpg


About the Album
Louder Now” was Taking Back Sunday’s follow-up to their majorly successful album “Where You Want To Be” which had since been certified Gold. The album produced three singles but is an album with much more than just radio hits to offer. The album picks up where it’s predecessor left off and doesn’t miss a beat!

Taking Back Sunday didn’t just replicate what they had done on their prior, majorly successful album; they enhanced the sound, wrote from the heart, and created another great stand alone album. Lead singer Adam Lazzara has this unique voice as well of style of singing that make this bands sound so good. His experience from past albums shines well on this album as his singing maintains this feeling of angst but at the same time sounds a bit polished compared to the bands earlier albums.

This album is great from start to finish and there is nothing negative to say about it! There aren’t any songs that feel like they don’t belong, the pacing is great, the singing is on point, and everything just flows together so well.

Notable Tracks
What’s It Feel Like To Be a Ghost?
Liar (It Takes One To Know One)
Twenty-Twenty Surgery

Grade: 92.7 (A-)


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