Linkin Park: Meteora



About the Album
Meteora was the long-awaited follow-up to Linkin Parks majorly successful debut album (Hybrid Theory) from 2000. This album is well respected and was listed by billboard at 36 on their top 200 albums of the decade chart! While this album isn’t like a copy of the bands first album, it is similar in style but sounds like a very natural progression with a bit of fine tuning.

Linkin Park established themselves with their first album (Hybrid Theory); Meteora takes what they did so well on the first album and adds a few new touches and styles. This album has a really nice flow to it with no dull moments. Chester Bennington is amazing with his unique blend of aggressive, melodic, and harmonious vocalizations. Mike Shinoda also deals out his dose of catchy hooks and hip-hop like style of singing that aids to the unique sound that this band established. The songs on this album are pretty easy to relate to because they tend to deal a lot with human emotions like pain, frustration, anger, and regret all while avoiding a sense of depression. This album is very “human” in nature and I think anyone who actually takes the time to pay attention to the lyrics should find a connection with the album.

I have nothing negative to say about this album. It’s right on par with the bands breakthrough album (Hybrid Theory) and I would say the two albums are very similar in quality and still stand as two of their best!

Notable Tracks
Don’t Stay
Somewhere I Belong
Breaking The Habit
From The Inside

Grade: 9.1 (A-)


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