Halsey: Badlands

Halsey - Badlands.png


About the Album
Halsey really caught my interest with her single “New Americana” off of this album and before hearing it had the feeling it could possibly be the only really good song on the album…I was wrong. This is a solid pop rock album that stands out from the many low-quality pop-rock albums that we seem to see each year. Many of these types of artists seem to fall into the trap of trying to sound like everyone else on the radio with repetitive songs about partying etc. Not this album, this album is filled with good songs from start to finish that have some heart.

When looking into this album I learned that it is a concept album dealing with a dystopian society and when you listen through the album knowing that it becomes even better than before! Before I had sensed the revolutionary feel of the music but knowing this now makes the album even better. I found myself thinking a lot of these songs would fit right in with the story of “The Hunger Games”.

I have nothing but praise for this album! This one isn’t just a few good singles mixed in with mediocre songs. It’s a batch of good songs with a few great ones!

Notable Tracks
New Americana
Coming Down

Grade: 8.7 (B)


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