10 Years: Feeding The Wolves

10 Years Feeding the Wolves cover.jpg


About the Album
Feeding The Wolves was released 5 years after the album (The Autumn Effect) which made me really like this band. The sound of this album while similar to what I liked about (The Autumn Effect), has a much cleaner sound but lyrically demonstrates why this band is so valuable in the alternative rock scene.

I feel like this album does a great job of getting to the “heart of the matter” in it’s songs.  The theme itself becomes apparent in the first track “Shoot It Out” which sings of “feeding the wolves” which can be interpreted as feeding into propaganda and allowing the wolves in sheep’s clothing to profit. This album does a very good and cleaver job of maintaining compelling messages throughout without coming off as a political outburst.

Nothing negative to say about this album. All of the songs are good, the album has a cohesive flow and tone throughout that makes it enjoyable from beginning to end.

Notable Tracks
Shoot It Out
The Wicked Ones
Fix Me
Don’t Fight It

Grade: 8.9 (B+)


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