Smash Mouth: Astro Lounge

Astro lounge.png


About The Album
Astro Lounge is Smash Mouth’s claim to fame that got them a lot of recognition as well as some continued radio play with a hit or two that are still thrown in regular rotations today.

I personally never hear this album talked about much when the conversation of ska punk and alternative come up but it is definitely one that deserves to be in the conversation. This album definitely maintains a good ska vibe from start to finish with a touch of space themes which are hinted at in the albums title and artwork.

There’s really nothing bad to say about this album. It’s pretty enjoyable from start to finish. I think it just tends to get overlooked and viewed as the album with the song “All Star” on it. A lot of people may look at this band as a one hit wonder but if you take the time to listen to this album you will find that it has more to offer.

Notable Tracks
I Just Wanna See
All Star
Then The Morning Comes
Come On, Come On
Can’t Get Enough of You Baby

Grade: 90.0 (A-)


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