What Is Punk?


Punk rock is one of my favorite genres of music because of the freedom of expression, the bold statements, the passion, the rage, the love, and every other raw emotion that comes along with it.379215 I was recently looking through some discussion threads and saw a comment talking about how bands like blink-182 and New Found Glory are “fake punk”. I understand what people may be thinking here but I can demonstrate how many of these bands people tend to think aren’t “real punk” are indeed punk at their core. So here is a list of bands and why I would consider them punk. Remember, punk is not a particular sound. Punk is about freedom of expression, its about passion, it’s about rage, it’s about taking a stand…punk is so much more than a particular sound!


Here is a list of some bands that are punk with links to youtube. All of these bands are Punk. The styles vary but at the end of the day they are all punk! Enjoy!

The Adicts


Alkaline Trio

Against Me!

Agent Orange



Sum 41

Reel Big Fish

New Found Glory


Blink 182


Green Day  People say they have lost their punk roots…I think this song disproves that.

Less Than Jake

Dropkick Murpheys

The Used …If you don’t think so then try this one



Rise Against

Unwritten Law


I think this list should demonstrate the varieties of punk rock. Some of these bands can be labled post-hardcore or grunge, or alternative but at the end of the day they are all rooted in punk. Not because they all sound alike because they don’t…Punk is not a sound, its a statement and all of these bands make the case. If you want music that all sounds the same then go listen to some shitty country music…I’ll save that subject and my reasoning for another post. Until next time, Rock on!






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