Bush: The Sea of Memories

Sea of Memories.jpg


Up until this album it seemed like Bush had already had their glory days in the early 90’s. The Sea of Memories is a pretty solid album that takes what the band did well on earlier albums and enhanced it. This album flows together so well from start to finish and I feel it re-ignited the bands fire into a new decade. Tracks like “The Sound of Winter” and “The Afterlife” are reminiscent of the bands earlier days but with a less grungy sound. This album is much more rooted in alternative rock than prior ones but, it works well. As a result of the lack of grunge sound many people felt disappointed by this album and that is understandable. I think of this album as a fresh breath of something new that some fans may enjoy and some may hate. I myself, enjoy it. But, the bands earlier stuff was great and can’t really be replicated.

Essential Tracks: The Sound of Winter, The Afterlife, The Heart of the Matter

Grade:  (85.83) B


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