Simple Plan: Taking One For The Team


It has been five years since Simple Plans most recent album, “Get Your Heart On!” which took a step back into the pop punk style of music the band had gotten away from. This album really goes back to the bands earlier days with it’s sound and style, and this is a great thing! This is what I have been hoping to hear again from this band since 2004’s “Still Not Getting Any…”. I feel like they have rediscovered themselves in the best way possible and longtime fans will easily fall in love with this new LP.

The album kicks off with “Opinion Overload”, a track about being yourself and not giving a shit about other peoples opinions…this really fits today’s culture of oversensitive, whiny, people bitching about the way others live their lives. The next track “Boom” keeps the album rolling right along with a new catchy, fun, track with a chorus and bridge that will have you singing along to in no time! “Farewell” is a collaboration I have been waiting to hear, this song brings in Jordan Pundik from New Found Glory who’s style meshes so well with Simple Plan. The track is a little less lighthearted as the first few tracks but fits in well and remains upbeat.

“I Refuse” is a track that is really at the heart of what this band represents and what makes them so great. It’s a powerful track about being yourself, being comfortable in your own skin, and following your heart. The next song, “I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed” brings in an interesting collaboration with Nelly…and it works very well! One track that has grown on me is the track “P.S. I Hate You”. This track is catchy as hell and is basically like flipping the bird to an ex that wasn’t right for you. It’s a great pop punk spirited track.

The last two tracks of the album are much deeper and slower, ending the album on a soft note which is probably the only thing I would change about this album. I think P.S. I Hate You would be a very fitting end to the album rather than the slower track “I Dream About You”. Other than that, there is nothing negative I have to say about this album. Simple Plan seems to have re-ignited a fire that some may think burnt out years ago. It’s a very pleasant surprise! If you liked this band in the past or enjoy pop punk and bands like New Found Glory, definitely check this one out! It’s great!

Essential Tracks
Opinion Overload
I Refuse
I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed
P.S. I Hate You

Grade: 8.5 (B)


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