Blink 182: Blink-182

Blink-182 - Blink-182 cover.jpg


“Blink-182” or “Untitled” is an album that showed blink-182 maturing and trying some new things…Even a guest appearance from Robert Smith of “The Cure” on the song “All of This”. This album explores some darker themes and has an overall more serious tone than most of the bands prior releases. The overall arch of the album is very romantic in nature as it in a way narrates a love story starting with the sex-driven single “Feeling This” but shows a lot more sophistication throughout in songs like “I Miss You”, “Down”, and “I’m Lost Without You”. This album is overall, very romantic in nature.

1. Feeling This   5/5
2. Obvious   4.5/5
3. I Miss You   5/5
4. Violence   5/5
5. Stockholm Syndrome   4.5/5
6. Down   5/5
7. The Fallen Interlude   4.5/5
8. Go   4.5/5
9. Asthenia   4.5/5
10. Always   5/5
11. Easy Target   4.5/5
12. All of This   4.5/5
13. Here’s Your Letter   5/5  (One of the best non-single songs on this album)
14. I’m Lost Without You   5/5 (Another great non-single)

Grade: 95.0 (A)


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