Weezer: Make Believe



About The Album
“Make Believe” was released three years after Weezers album “Maltadroit”. The album demonstrates a return to more personal lyrical content as the bands earlier albums had. This album actually took the band three years to record! As a result, there was plenty of material to choose from and many songs that did not get used.

This album has a few fun, upbeat tracks such as (Beverly Hills), (Perfect Situation), (My Best Friend), and (We Are All on Drugs). The album seems to have a mix and balance of upbeat tracks and a few more, laid back or serious tracks like (Hold Me) and the albums finale (Haunt You Everyday).

This album has received some negative reviews in it’s days and I can see both sides of the argument. This is definitely not one of Weezer’s best albums and it almost takes on to much of a serious tone at times compared to what fans might be used to from the band. I think people are a little turned off by songs such as (Hold Me), (The Damage In Your Heart), and the lullaby like tracks (Freak Me Out). When you look at this album as a whole, it does seem like something is a little off when comparing it to the bands earlier stuff.

Favorite Tracks
Beverly Hills
Perfect Situation
This Is Such a Pity
We Are All on Drugs
My Best Friend

8.6 (B)


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