Chevelle: This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)



About The Album
This was the bands third album and second major release following the successful album”Wonder What’s Next”. The album produced a few singles but didn’t quite match it’s predecessor.  While the sound itself might be a little cleaner, the overall quality doesn’t seem to be at the level of (Wonder What’s Next).

This album has a sort of grit to it that is present from start to finish. It has moments of full sounding hard rock (The Clincher, Vitamin R, Still Running) and others of more low-key melody driven breaks (Panic Prone). Songs like (The Clincher) and (Vitamin R) demonstrate a nice balance of grungy sounding instrumentals and singing mixed with melody. This is an important characteristic of this album that makes it good.

While the songs themselves are generally good, the mixing and flow of this album is a bit off at times. I feel like the album starts with a bang but slowly trails off and the energy fades in the second half. I think it would have benefited with another hard hitting, gritty track in the second half of the album.

Favorite Tracks
The Clincher
Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)
Still Running
Panic Prone

Grade: B (8.3)


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