P.O.D. : Satellite



About the Album
Satellite was the fourth release by Nu Metal band P.O.D. This album really put the band on the map and produced many classics such as “Youth of the Nation”, “Alive”,  and “Boom”. The album topped many charts, won many awards, and usually appears on most lists of best albums from the 2000’s…and rightfully so.

This album starts with a bang and delivers some high energy tracks which are well blended with the occasional, more mellow tracks like “Youth of the Nation”, “Ghetto” and “Thinking About Forever”. We all know this band is religious and one thing I love about this album is that it never feels like the bands religious views are jammed down your throat like they seem to have done more on later releases. Overall, this album is pretty solid, it has something to offer for those of the same beliefs as the band and for those of us who don’t. It works as an effective rock album from start to finish. The religious themes throughout the album are presented in more of a metaphorical sense making it enjoyable for outsiders in my opinion. The band also does a great job of blending in some reggae on the track “Ridiculous”.

I don’t have anything negative to say other than this album could have benefited from another reggae style track because the one track is pretty good and the band demonstrates a good set of skills for the genre. This album is great, and still to this day their best in my opinion.

Favorite Tracks
Set It Off
Youth of the Nation
Thinking About Forever

9.0 (A-)


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