3 Doors Down: Us And The Night



About the Album
“Us And The Night” is the first album in 5 years from the well weathered rock band 3 Doors Down. This is the longest gap the band has taken between albums and this one came with a new guitar and bass player. The new members do well at keeping the bands initial sound and style but there are little added effects that let listeners know there is something a little new and different but its so minor and doesn’t take away from the quality of the music.

I think fans of this band will be pleased with this album as it has a few minor added elements that weren’t present on previous albums. This is mainly in the form of instruments rather than singing or songwriting. The song “Still Alive” has some cow bell which adds a nice accent and touch. This album is generally what fans of this band should expect from this well established band.

While establishing a sound for your band is a good thing, so is expansion of that song. This album expands a little with guitar parts and some added effects both on guitars and drums at times. But, overall this album isn’t much different from what the band has done in the past. The only negative thing to say about this is that this band has released 6 albums that sound like different chapters of the same book. This can be a good thing to people and a bad thing to others. I think they could benefit from a little growth and expansion, as long as it doesn’t completely change their sound. But, nothing to negative to say about this album other than it being the same song and dance again.

Notable Tracks
Still Alive
Believe It
I Don’t Wanna Know

(7.8) C+


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