Blink-182: Neighborhoods (Deluxe)

Image result for blink 182 neighborhoods deluxe edition


Neighborhoods shows blink-182 trying to pick things up after a long hiatus “break-up” but there seems to be conflicting sounds and styles among the band members and it shows. During the bands break-up Tom Delonge formed his band Angels and Airwaves while Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker made one album with their 80’s dance punk band (+44). I have seen people say that this album sounds like a natural progression of the bands untitled album from 2003…it doesn’t. You can hear the influence of Tom Delonge’s Angels and Airwaves in all songs except for a few, “Natives”, “After Midnight”, and “Hearts All Gone”. Don’t get me wrong, I do find this album enjoyable and really love some of the songs but it feels disjointed and almost as if it doesn’t know itself. Another thing that bugs me with this album is it’s first track…Blink-182 has always had iconic first songs that really set the stage for their albums…”Ghost on the Dance Floor” just feels so out of place as the first track. The album starts off on the wrong foot.

1. Ghost on the Dance Floor   8/10  (Sounds like Angels and Airwaves)
2. Natives   
3. Up All Night   10/10
4. After Midnight   10/10
5. Snake Charmer   8/10
6. Hearts All Gone (Interlude)   7/10
7. Hearts All Gone   10/10
8. Wishing Well   8/10   (The sound effects on the drums degrade this song)
9. Kaleidoscope   8/10
10. This Is Home    7/10  (Sounds like Angels and Airwaves)
11. MH 4.18.2011   7/10
12. Love Is Dangerous  10/10  (Sounds very different for blink but this one works well)
13. Fighting the Gravity  8/10
14. Even If She Falls   7/10 (Sounds like Angels and Airwaves)

Grade: 84.3 (B)


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