Three Days Grace: One-X

One X.png


About The Album
One-X is the second album from rock band Three Days Grace. This album brought in a new lead guitarist allowing for lead singer Adam Gontier to focus primarily on vocals for the album. I feel like this allowed him and the band to grow and take a step in the right direction on this album. Vocally, his presence is felt much stronger on this album than the bands debut.

The overall sound of this album is much cleaner than the bands first album. Everything from the instrumentals, to the vocals, as well as the structure of the songs themselves seem to be much cleaner and crisp compared to the bands first album. The songs for the most part, are well executed with nice builds, catchy choruses, and powerful vocalizations.

While this album is for the most part really good some may be turned off by the roller coaster of emotions that are present throughout. I think this album could have benefited from a slight re-structure of song placement but that is my only complaint.

Favorite Tracks
Let It Die
Gone Forever

8.2 (B-)


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