Weezer: The White Album

Cover of Weezer's White Album,2016.jpg


About the Album
According to lead singer, Rivers Cuomo; he spend time hanging around West Los Angeles and the surrounding beaches soaking in the modern culture of the area. This is the primary influence for this album.The result of this turned out to be one of the best Weezer albums we have heard in many years! This album shows a return to the bands earlier sound heard on the classic “Blue Album” with hints of “Pinkerton” like tracks as well.

This album is great from start to finish. While the bands last six or seven albums dating back to the early 2000’s all produced a good song here and there, the band never seemed to re-capture the magic that made them so successful in their early days. This album definitely recaptures the magic! “California Girls” starts the album with a feeling of hope and ambition from an almost youthful standpoint. The track “Thank God For Girls” is an interesting track that has some religious themes and seems to grow on me the more I hear it. “Do You Wanna Get High” is a darker track diving into drug addiction and unhealthy relationships. This is a pretty catchy yet dark, and deep track. “King of the World” is a classic Weezer track that is both catchy and upbeat but when you dig deeper into it’s lyrics and meaning you find out it is a deep, sad song. “Summer Elane and Drunk Dori” is another fun track. “Jacked Up” is another song that seems to deal with a similar situation as was visited on the track “King of the World”. It paints the picture of a destructive relationship that Rivers seems to not want to let go of. All of the songs on this album seem to have some depth to them rather than just hashed out songs by a band looking for hits.

I think long-time fans of this band will be pleased with this new album! It has a lot of similar qualities to the bands earlier work that seems to be so much more popular among fans (and rightfully so). This album is fun at times, deep and dark at times, and carries an overall summertime beach vibe to it. This is the bands best album in quite some time!

Favorite Tracks
California Kids
Thank God For Girls
Do You Wanna Get High?
King of the World
Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori
Jacked Up

9.3 (A)


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