Incubus: Morning View

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Incubus recorded this album in Malibu, California. As a result, it definitely has this seaside vibe that is felt throughout the songs. They set up the recording of this album so that it felt more natural rather than driving in traffic to the studio. The results of this experiment turned out amazing if you ask me! They basically lived in the studio but in a way that felt natural, organic, and not so much work oriented. This album carries a certain feel throughout the album that is very reflective of the recording circumstances I just talked about. This album also produced some of the bands biggest hits like “Nice To Know You”, “Wish You Where Here”, and “Warning”.

1. Nice To Know You   5 stars
2. Circles   4.5 stars
3. Wish You Were Here   5 stars
4. Just a Phase   4 stars
5. 11 am   4 stars
6. Blood On The Ground   4 stars
7. Mexico   4 stars
8. Warning   5 stars
9. Echo   4 stars
10. Have You Ever   4.5 stars
11. Are You In?   4.5 stars
12. Under My Umbrella   4 stars
13. Aqueous Transmission   4 stars

Grade: 86.93 (B)


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