Yellowcard: Lights and Sounds



About The Album
“Lights and Sounds” was the long-awaited follow-up to the bands successful 2003 album “Ocean Avenue”. The band ventures more into an alternative rock sound on this album, moving away from the more pop-punk oriented sound. This album wasn’t as successful as the bands first album. This album also didn’t seem to get as much radio and video play as “Ocean Avenue” which may have had some effect.

The album shows maturity with a more deep and personal side to the band. The album has a nice build with the intro track followed up by the faster, rock track “Lights and Sounds”. The track “Sure Thing Falling” is one of those tracks that has an upbeat instrumental but throws in a love story. It’s a catchy tune and is one of the albums highlights. The final track on the album “Holly Wood Died” finishes the album off well with a somewhat chaotic nature which seems to be present throughout the album.

At times this album almost feels like a downer. There is a definite shortage of upbeat tracks looking back to the bands hit album “Ocean Avenue”. The band actually say this album was somewhat of a learning experience. The maturity of this album was included in later albums but in different forms without the negative effects of becoming to sappy or depressing.

Favorite Tracks
Lights and Sounds
Sure Thing Falling
Holly Wood Died

7.4 (C)


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