Angels and Airwaves: I-Empire

 Angels & Airwaves - I-Empire cover.jpg

 Now that the band had established a unique sound, they seem to have been comfortable in their own shoes on this album. This album is full of wonder, imagination, and of coarse, spacey, stadium rock sounding instrumentals. This album exemplifies the same spirit of the bands first album but looking back on all of the bands albums to date, I think that album is their golden child and has not been topped. I-Empire built on the concepts and themes of “We Don’t Need To Whisper”. The track “Everything’s Magic” really exemplifies the concept of wonder and beauty. “Secret Crowds” is a song that reflects Tom’s want and desire to build a better world. This song is very reflective of his worldview and ideas. One track that digs much deeper into DeLonges personal life is the track “Right of Spring” where we are painted a picture of his youth. A broken home, a hypocritical father, a son taking care of his mother. We are given hint’s of his upcoming in the skate and punk scene (blink-182) and of him being kicked out of school. This is one of, if not the best song(s) on the album. The final track “Heaven” sounds like a song from the bands first album with its space sounds and the guitar riff that is really similar to some of the bands first singles. In the end, this album builds upon the foundation that was laid out by the bands first album but doesn’t produce as many quality tracks as that one did. Overall, it’s a good album but just lives in the shadow of a phenomenal debut album.

Favorite Tracks
Everything’s Magic
Secret Crowds
Right of Spring

8.6 (B)


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