The Lumineers: Cleopatra

Cleopatra album cover.jpg


If your a fan of folk rock artists like Bob Dylan then you might just fall in love with this modern band. The whole album makes me think of Dylan. Not that they are trying to copy him or anything but it just has that sound and feel throughout. This band hit it pretty big with their breakthrough single “Ho Hey” and made a name for themselves in the modern rock scene with their self-titled debut album in 2012. This album has done pretty well on the charts and is a great modern rock album. It’s albums like this I tend to point to when people try saying that rock music is dead…It is most definitely not dead! It is just shadowed by pop, hip-hop, and rap in the modern pop-culture. This is an album that can be appreciated by multiple generations of listeners I feel because of it’s folk style of rock. This album is enjoyable from start to finish, no filler-songs that don’t belong, and every song seems to lead into the next very well. I, myself am more into faster rock but I can find appreciation for this album. It is a modern great in terms of rock. This is an album that bridges the gap between older, folk-styled rock and modernizes it without watering it down. You won’t be rocking out to this album but, it works great for a laid back, relaxing listen.

Favorite Tracks
In the Light
Sick in My Head

8.4 (B)


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