Wolfmother: Victorious



Wolfmother is a band that I feel is one of the modern “greats” in terms of rock and roll. This band sounds like something you would hear among the likes of Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and other greats. This band makes great rock music…period. They aren’t trying to fit in with modern pop-rock or get the attention of Beiber fans. No. This band if focused on continually producing great sounding, rock music that I think bands of the past may look to with respect.

This band is carrying a torch if you ask me. They are keeping what is great about rock and roll alive! The instrumentals are great on each track, the album is fluid from start to finish, it is reminiscent of 70’s and 80’s rock, and is lyrically great as well. If your someone who loves older rock and roll and has trouble finding some good modern stuff…start with Wolfmother!

This band is definitely something special and this album is one of the most solid rock albums I have heard this year! This album came out in February and I am now kicking myself because I just recently got around to listening to it! Don’t wait! This album rocks! You don’t hear this stuff on the radio to much but this is something that should be on a regular rotation! I feel like this is a band that gets either forgotten or unheard in terms of modern rock. They came around in the early 2000’s and they belong in any list of greatest rock bands of the era! This album will let you know that rock and roll is still very much alive!

Favorite Tracks
The Simple Life
Eye of the Beholder

9.2 (A-)


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