Green Day: Uno!

A black-and-white cutout of Billie Joe Armstrong's head, with his eyes crossed-out with pink X's, on a geometric, neon electric green background. The word


Uno! showed a return to a more straightforward punk style album after Green Day’s previous two “Rock-Opera” albums; (American Idiot 2004) and (21st Century Breakdown 2009). While some fans thought this album to be to “poppy”, others liked it for its fun, stripped down punk sound, and sense of youth. The album definitely has high energy and plays well from start to finish filled with moments of love (Stay the Night, Fell For You and Oh Love), moments of angst (Let Yourself Go, Kill The DJ, and Troublemaker), and an overall flow that works well both in sound and subject matter.

1. Nuclear Family   5 stars
2. Stay the Night   4.5 stars
3. Carpe Diem    4.5 stars
4. Let Yourself Go   4.75 stars
5. Kill The DJ    4.5 stars
6. Fell For You   4 stars
7. Loss of Control   4 stars
8. Troublemaker   3.5 stars
9. Angel Blue   4 stars
10. Sweet 16   3.5 stars
11. Rusty James   4 stars
12. Oh Love   5 stars

Grade: 85.42 (B)


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