Trapt: Self-Titled

Trapt album.jpg


Trapt made a name for themselves with their first, self-titled album back in 2002. With hits like Headstrong, These Walls, and Echo this band took over the radio waves for a period of time. While this album does have this certain rough around the edges sound it still managed to produce some great rock songs. Trapt really established themselves with this album and left room for improvement. And through the years, they have improved.

1. Headstrong  5 stars
2. Made of Glass   4.5 stars
3. Hollowman   5 stars
4. These Walls   5 stars
5. Still Frame   4 stars
6. Echo   5 stars
7. The Game   2.5 stars
8. When All Is Said and Done   4 stars
9. Enigma   4 stars
10. Stories   4 stars
11. New Beginning   2 stars

Grade: 81.82 (B-)


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