Saosin: Along the Shadows



It’s been 7 years since Saosin released their most recent album “In Search of Solid Ground”. After such a long gap between albums you can only speculate about the sound and quality it will have. This album has pleasantly surprised me! It’s definitely better than I had expected. The first track (The Silver String) has the lyrics “pick up right where you left off” and it does just that! The bands signature sound rings out with a little more aggression this time around, and I love it! There is this sort of melancholic feeling mixed with a lot of angst blending the styles of post-hardcore and alternative rock. The melodies are great and the aggression is felt in each song. If you are new to this band I would suggest listening to their first two albums to get a feel for the band. This one is definitely an evolution from those two. It holds the key elements but becomes more aggressive with a bit more screaming. The selection of songs on this album all work together pretty well carrying similar themes as well as tones throughout the album. All in all, this band has done a good job releasing a pretty solid album after such a long period of time. Give this one a listen if you are into the post-hardcore genre!

1. The Silver String   4 stars
2. Ideology is Theft   4 stars
3. Racing Toward a Red Light   3.5 stars
4. Second Guesses   3.5 stars
5. Count Back From Ten   5 stars
6. The Stutter Says a Lot   3.5 stars
7. Sore Distress    4 stars
8. The Secret Meaning of Freedom   2 stars
9. Old Friend   3.5 stars
10. Illusion and Control   3.5 stars
11. Control and the Urge To Pray   4 stars
12. Drinking From the Fountain   3 stars
13. Along the Shadow of Man   4.5 stars

Grade: 73.85


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