Good Charlotte: Cardiology



When I think of the band Good Charlotte, I automatically think of their album “The Young and the Hopeless”. It seemed to me like the band never quite reached that height again…well maybe not until this album which was actually very overlooked or even ridiculed. What this album does so right in my eyes is it’s exemplification of youth, it’s passion, its overall energy, and most of all, it’s heart. (No pun intended). Definitely check out the tracks “Alive” and “Harlo’s Song”!  There is a definite sense of nostalgia that this album gives off as well. This album doesn’t take itself to seriously and its just fun. I would also call this an album with a great summer vibe because of its upbeat and lighthearted feels. This is definitely one of the bands best 2 albums to date. I was pleasantly surprised!

  1. Introduction To Cardiology    3 stars
  2. Let The Music Play    5 stars
  3. Counting The Days    4 stars
  4. Silver Screen Romance   4.5 stars
  5. Like It’s Her Birthday    5 stars
  6. Last Night     5 stars
  7. Sex On The Radio    5 stars
  8. Alive   5 stars
  9. Standing Ovation    4 stars
  10. Harlow’s Song (Can’t Dream Without You)      4.5 stars
  11. Interlude: The Fifth Chamber     4 stars
  12. 1979        3.5 stars
  13. There She Goes      4 stars
  14. Right Where I Belong      3.5 stars
  15. Cardiology       3.5 stars


Grade: 84.67 (B)


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