Deftones: Gore

Gore - Deftones.png


This album is like taking a bunch of emotions and throwing them into a blender. It has this almost eerie feel from the very beginning that sets the overall tone of the album well. The first track on the album “Prayers/Triangles” starts the album well with a catchy chorus and a very atmospheric sound and style. This album is awesome because it feels like you are submersed into the bands world and that’s huge! The instrumentals throughout this whole album are very solid and the best example comes in the title track “Gore”. The song is very crisp, bold, and aggressive with nice builds and accents throughout. This track screams originality to me.

The track that made this album peak in my mind and got me to the point where I said, “Okay, this album is really f****** good was the track “Phantom Bride. The track is at the end of the album as the second to last song. This song is beautiful! It almost sounds like it came out of the 80’s with the guitar sound and overall vibe. What I love about this song is that it takes a basic structure and just adds a bunch of fines that creates this really big and bold sound. I have yet to listen to Deftones that much but when I saw all of the talk about this album I needed to check it out. Why have I not been listening to this band!? This album is definitely one of the best, if not the best, I have heard so far this year! Wow! If you are like I was and haven’t heard this either because you hadn’t heard of it or hadn’t really felt like giving it a try, go do so! This is how you make a great rock album!

  1. Prayers/Triangles   5 stars
  2. Acid Hologram   4 stars
  3. Doomed User    5 stars
  4. Geometric Headdress   4 stars
  5. Hearts/Wires   3.5 stars
  6. Pittura Infamente  4 stars
  7. Xenon   4 stars
  8. (L)Mirl   4 stars
  9. Gore  4.5 stars
  10. Phantom Bride   5 stars
  11. Rubicon   4 stars

Grade: 85.45 (B)


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