Garbage: Strange Little Birds

Garbage - Strange Little Birds.png


Listening to this album, I can’t help but be brought back to the bands glory days of their self-titled album as well as the classic “Version 2.0”. This album to me is like taking the core of those great albums and adding some new elements into the mixture. It’s almost as if we are getting “Version 3.0”! Tracks like “Empty”,  “Blackout”, and “We Never Tell” sound like tracks that would have fit in well with those earlier albums. Strange Little Birds does a great job of producing a fresh batch of songs that sound familiar to longtime fans but fresh in the sense that they don’t sound like rewrites or rehashed ideas. There is an originality to this album but it holds many echos of the past…I love it! I think longtime fans will enjoy this one! I like it a bit more than the bands most recent one which was also pretty good!

  1. Sometimes    3.5 stars
  2. Empty     5 stars
  3. Blackout    5 stars
  4. If I Lost You   3.5 stars
  5. Night Drive Loneliness     3.75 stars
  6. Even Though Our Love Is Doomed     3 stars
  7. Magnetized      4 stars
  8. We Never Tell     4.5 stars
  9. So We Can Stay Alive    4 stars
  10. Teaching      2.5 stars
  11. Amends    3 stars

Grade: 75.91 (C)


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