Blink-182: California

Blink-182 - Calfornia.jpg


California is blink-182’s first album without founding member, Tom Delonge and the bands first album with his replacement, newcomer Matt Skiba (Also known for fronting the band Alkaline Trio). The band themselves have said that this album isn’t necessarily a concept album but it is conceptual in nature. The title “California” is perfect for this album as most of the songs are influenced from the state, the lifestyles, the bright sunshine, and the dark underbelly. Songs like Los Angeles and San Diego are tracks that almost seem to be a long time coming for this band. This album plays great from start to finish, it has two joke songs which the band hasn’t had since 2001’s “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket”. And, to top it all off, the guitar work from Matt Skiba makes this album feel much more like the blink-182 of old. We don’t hear many, if any weird, space effects pedal crap…I love it!

1. Cynical   5 stars
2. Bored To Death   5 stars
3. She’s Out of Her Mind   4.5 stars
4. Los Angeles   5 stars
5. Sober   5 stars
6. Built This Pool   4 stars
7. No Future  4.5 stars
8. Home Is Such a Lonely Place   4 stars
9. Kings of the Weekend   5 stars
10. Teenage Satellites  4 stars
11. Left Alone   5 stars
12. Rabbit Hole   4.5 stars
13. San Diego   5 stars
14. The Only Thing That Matters   4.5 stars
15. California   4 stars
16. Brohemian Rhapsody   3.5 stars

 Grade: 90.63 (A-)


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