Chevelle: The North Corridor



Chevelle has been a consistantly good rock band since 2002. While many bands tend to dive off into different territory for wrong reasons and make music that doesn’t hold true to what they established Chevelle is a band that has always stayed true to themselves and their fans. Not to say that their albums all sound the same, because they don’t. The North Corridor blends some of the heavier guitars and fuller sounds of the bands past two albums while diving into some of their earlier, iconic styles lyrically and vocally. This band always delivers good material and this album surely does that!

1. Door To Door Cannibals   4.5 stars
2. Enemies   5 stars
3. Joyride (Omen)   4.5 stars
4. Rivers   4.5 stars
5. Last Days   4 stars
6. Young Wicked   4 stars
7. Warhol’s Showbiz   4 stars
8. Punchline   4 stars
9. Got Burned   5 stars
10. Shot from a Cannon   4 stars

Grade: 87.0 (B+)


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