Billy Talent: Afraid of Heights

Billy Talent Afraid of Heights.jpg


Billy Talent continue on with their personal brand of punk rock on “Afraid of Heights”. This album has many political undertones dealing with gun violence, propaganda, the dumping down of society and economic inequality. This album has some teeth to it and they are definitely shown. This album is one that I look at as a stamp in time that really shows the way the world was in that time. Like Green Day’s classic “American Idiot” was a stamp in time, this album is similar.

1. Big Red Gun   5 stars
2. Afraid of Heights   5 stars
3. The Crutch   4 stars
4. Louder Than The DJ   4 stars
5. Ghost Ship of Cannibal Rats   5 stars
6. Rabbit Down The Hole   4.5 stars
7. Time Bomb Ticking Away   4.5 stars
8. Leave Them All Behind   4.5 stars
9. Horses and Chariots   4 stars
10. This Is Our War   3.75 stars
11. February Winds   4 stars

Grade: 87.73 (B+)



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