You Me At Six: Night People

YMAS-Night People.jpg


I haven’t listened to any of this bands albums but became interested when I saw some people in the music community marking their calendars for this one. The first song that I actually heard off of this album was the track “Heavy Soul” that was released only a few weeks ago. It was a good attention grabber and when I found out that the song was off of this album I had an “ah-ha” moment. For the most part this album is pretty solid throughout. I feel pleasantly surprised by this album because going into it I wasn’t completely sure what to expect.

1. Night People   5 stars
2. Plus One   4 stars
3. Heavy Soul   5 stars
4. Take on the World   4 stars
5. Brand New   4 stars
6. Swear   4.5 stars
7. Make Your Move   3.75 stars
8. Can’t Hold Back   4 stars
9. Spell It Out   3.5 stars
10. Give   5 stars

Grade: 85.5 (B)


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