AFI: The Blood Album


AFI seems to dig into the days of “Sing the Sorrow” and “Decemberunderground” on this album. The themes and styles throughout the album are more reflective of the bands earlier work which somewhat dove into horror-punk. This can really be heard on the song “Dumb Kids” as it feels like more of a straight-forward, punk inspired track. It reminds me of “The Boy Who Destroyed The World” in a way. This is one of those instances where the album is reflective of the bands past but has the polish of being around for a long time and having rounded and perfected their sound.

1. Dark Snow   4 stars
2. Still a Stranger   5 stars
3. Aurelia   5 stars
4. Hidden Knives   4 stars
5. Get Hurt   3.5 stars
6. Above the Bridge   3.5 stars
7. So Beneath You   5 stars
8. Snow Cats 5 stars
9. Dumb Kids   4 stars
10. Pink Eyes  4 stars
11. Feed From the Floor   4.5 stars
12. White Offerings   5 stars
13. She Speaks the Language   4.5 stars
14. The Wind That Carries Me Away   3 stars

Grade: 85.71 (B)


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