Train: A Girl, A Bottle, A Boat

A Girl, a Bottle, a Boat.jpg


Through the years, Train has produced some great hits but in terms of albums there are only a few that seemed to be really impressive as a whole. This one honestly doesn’t have a whole lot to offer. Of course I would expect faithful fans to find enjoyment in this album but in terms of quality, it’s lacking. There is a summer vibe throughout the album that creates a few fun, upbeat, lively tracks. But, a majority of the songs on this album almost feel incomplete or rushed into completion. Songs like “The News”, “Lottery”, “Silver Dollar”, and “Loverman” all feel like incomplete songs to me. It almost makes this feel more like a B-sides album than an actual LP.

1. Drink Up   4 stars
2. Play That Song   4.5 stars
3. The News   3 stars
4. Lottery   3 stars
5. Working Girl   4 stars
6. Silver Dollar   3 stars
7. Valentine   4.5 stars
8. What Good is Saturday   5 stars
9. Loverman   3 stars
10. Lost and Found   4 stars
11. You Better Believe   4.5 stars

Grade: 77.27 (C+)


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