The XX: I See You

The xx - I See You.png


“I See You” is like a diary containing the details of a love story. The album does a great job of really displaying a passionate relationship with a little bit of push and pull. The songs themselves do such a great job of embracing the intended message. The tones, instrumentals, and backing tracks all sync up so well with the lyrical content that the songs are in a way, captivating. This one is somewhat of an emotional roller coaster but, I mean that in the best way possible.

1. Dangerous   5 stars
2. Say Something Loving   4 stars
3. Lips   4 stars
4. A Violent Noise   4.5 stars
5. Performance   5 stars
6. Replica   4.5 stars
7. Brave For You   4.5 stars
8. On Hold   5 stars
9. I Dare You   5 stars
10. Test Me   4.5 stars

Grade: 92.0 (A-)


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