The Menzingers: After the Party

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The Menzingers are and have been a pretty damn good band for a while now but, “After The Party” feels like it is on a whole other level compared to the bands past releases. This album has this narrative throughout it that is both poetic and very romantic in nature. It goes through the push and pull of a relationship. It reminisces on “where to go from here”, the bond of friendship, what could have been, taking chances, grief, hypocrisy, admiration, and it all comes back into focus in the end where the most important thing is the relationship between two people. I can’t express how good this album is! Everyone should hear this!

1. Tellin’ Lies   4.5 stars
2. Thick As Thieves   5 stars
3. Lookers   5 stars
4. Midwestern States   5 stars
5. Charlie’s Army   4.5 stars
6. House On Fire   4.5 stars
7. Black Mass   5 stars
8. Boy Blue   4.5 stars
9. Bad Catholics   5 stars
10. Your Wild Years   5 stars
11. The Bars   4.5 stars
12. After The Party   5 stars
13. Livin’ Ain’t Easy   4 stars

Grade: 94.62 (A+)


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