Green Day: Revolution Radio



Revolution Radio comes after Green Day’s trilogy of albums Uno, Dos, and Tre which felt a little disoriented in relation to the bands backlog of albums. Revolution Radio is the first time since American Idiot that a Green Day album has really felt solid. This album is poetic at times, angry at times, and romantic at others. This feels like the first straight forward punk album from Green Day since 2000’s Warning. After Warning, we got two “rock opera’s” and then the Trilogy which was experimental in various ways. This feels like Green Day getting back to what they did best before American Idiot but with the growth that resulted.

1.Somewhere Now   5 stars
2. Bang Bang   5 stars
3. Revolution Radio   5 stars
4. Say Goodbye   4.25 stars
5. Outlaws   4 stars
6. Bouncing off the Wall   4 stars
7. Still Breathing   5 stars
8. Youngblood   5 stars
9. Too Dumb To Die   4 stars
10. Troubled Times   5 stars
11. Forever Now   4.5 stars
12. Ordinary World   4.5 stars

Grade:  92.08  (A-)


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