Bayside: Vacancy

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Bayside has continued to release quality albums for quite some time and each new album seems to sound better and better. Vacancy is an album that plays well from start to finish and contains some of the bands best work to date. Everything is so fitting on this album. The instrumentals are really fitting with the tones and lyrical content of the songs. These songs feel bold, honest, and raw in the best sense possible. Some of the songs that I feel really exemplify this raw emotion are Two Letters, Rumspringa, and Mary. Those three songs have some real depth and beauty.

1.Two Letters   5 stars
2. I’ve Been Dead All Day   4.5 stars
3. Enemy Lines   4 stars
4. Not Fair   3.5 stars
5. Pretty Vacant   4.5 stars
6. Rumspringa (Heartbreak Road)   5 stars
7. Mary   5 stars
8. Maybe Tennessee   4 stars
9. The Ghost   4 stars
10. It Doesn’t Make It True   4 stars
11. It’s Not as Depressing as it Sounds   4 stars

Grade: 86.36 (B-)


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