Avenged Sevenfold: The Stage



Avenged Sevenfold really sounds the best they have since 2007’s self-titled album after which they lost their original drummer, James “The Rev” Sullivan. They used different drummers on the past two albums and this time around brought in Bad Religion drummer, Brooks Wackerman. I personally think he works much better for the bands sound as it feels more natural and similar to the days with The Rev. This album has experimental elements to it but just feels so natural in it’s own way. There are sweeping guitar parts, hard hitting, technical drumming, haunting horns (Sunny Disposition) and Shadows does (as usual) a great job on vocals. The album explores the subject of Artificial Intelligence which apperently is something of much interest for them making this album very unique. It feels anthemic but very progressive. One of the coolest things about this album is that nobody new it was coming and one day the band just said, “here is our new album”. No prior single, no advertisements. In this day and age of information and technology, that’s impressive!

  1. The Stage    5 stars
  2. Paradigm     3.5 stars
  3. Sunny Disposition    4 stars
  4. God Damn   5 stars
  5. Creating God   4.5 stars
  6. Angels    4 stars
  7. Simulation   3.5 stars
  8. Higher   3.5 stars
  9. Roman Sky   4 stars
  10. Fermi Paradox   4 stars
  11. Exist   4 stars

Grade: 81.82 (B-)


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