Taking Back Sunday: Tidal Wave



I really personally enjoyed Taking Back Sundays previous album to this one (2014’s Happiness Is)  and honestly most of their albums have been pretty damn good for the most part. The one album that I think missed the point was 2009’s album “New Again”…But, the two albums that followed it where nothing short of great! There is a reason this band has managed to span their career for over 10 years now. Tidal Waves is an album that, like most of the bands others, has a lot of heart. You can hear and feel the passion in these songs not only in the lyrics, but also in the voice of the lead singer as well as the instrumentals of each song. This is an album that does such a great job of really capturing the listener and making them a part of each song. You don’t just hear this album, you feel it. And when music has an element of really making you feel something, that’s a sign of something great.

  1. Death Wolf    5 stars
  2. Tidal Wave    5 stars
  3. You Can’t Look Back    5 stars
  4. Fences    4 stars
  5. All Excess    4.5 stars
  6. I Felt It Too    3.5 stars
  7. Call Come Running    4.5 stars
  8. Holy Water    4 stars
  9. In the Middle of It All    4.5 stars
  10. We Don’t Go In There    3.5 stars
  11. Homecoming    4.5 stars
  12. I’ll Find A Way To Make It What You Want    3.5 stars

Grade: 85.83 (B) 


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