Trapt: DNA


Trapt has been pretty consistantly releasing new music every few years since they first made a name for themselves with the release of their self-titled album in 2002. While they may not be the biggest band in the rock scene, they have definitely produced some great tracks that have stood the test of time. Through the years, they have matured in their sound and lightened up on the aggression just a bit, but maintained a little bit of an edge here and there. I wouldn’t call this album one of their best ones but, if you enjoyed them in the past it is worth a listen. There are a few really good songs and nothing that is necessarily bad…It’s enjoyable but not a “must-hear”. They have definitely produced better in the past. It could be a result of them self-producing it but something seems a little off compared to their other albums.

  1. Intro     3 stars
  2. Human (Like the Rest of Us)   5 stars
  3. It’s Over    3.25 stars
  4. Tangled Up In You   4 stars
  5. Changing Hands   4 stars
  6. Unforgiven      3 stars
  7. Passanger     5 stars
  8. Anchor     3.75 stars
  9. Not So Different    3.5 stars
  10. Castaway       4.5 stars
  11. Getting Even     4 stars
  12. Fallen Angel      3.5 stars

Grade: 77.5 (C+)


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