The Offspring: Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace

The Offspring - Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace.jpg


This album holds a special place in my heart and really takes me back to the summer it came out. I was fresh out of high school, working, skating, and just spending most of my free time with friends having a blast. This album was sort of an anthem of that period in my life and I still thoroughly enjoy it. This album has a more serious tone throughout it that wasn’t really heard “as much” on the bands prior releases. While it may not be the bands best, it definitely has something about it that makes it stand out in it’s own way. It’s been nine years and we have only had one other album from this band which was 2012’s “Days Go By”. The band is currently working on a new album from what I am aware of but as always, they have a great back-catalog full of gems.

  1. Half-Truism    4 stars
  2. Trust In You     4.5 stars
  3. You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid   5 stars
  4. Hammerhead    4 stars
  5. A Lot Like Me   4 stars
  6. Takes Me Nowhere    4 stars
  7. Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?    5 stars
  8. Nothingtown   4.5 stars
  9. Stuff Is Messed Up    5 stars
  10. Fix You    5 stars
  11. Let’s Hear It For Rock Bottom   4 stars
  12. Rise and Fall    4.5 stars

Grade: 89.17 (B+)


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