(hed) p.e. : Forever!


(hed) p.e. showed a lot of maturity on their prior album “Evolution” and this album takes the next step. This is a band that has really stepped up their game and has now released two consecutive great albums! The band ended the last album “Evolution” with a few reggae tracks and on this album they basically split the album down the middle. The first half of the album is made up of songs that represent the hard rock, metal, and punk roots of the band while the second half of the album is made up of reggae centered tracks. It’s quite the sublime experience going from one extreme to the other but the way they manage to do it is great! The transition takes place with the song “Jah Know” which is a love letter to lead singer, Jahred Gomes’ son which tones things down in a way and leads well into the reggae portion.

1. Liv!    5 stars
2. Pay Me    
5 stars
3. Closer    
4.5 stars
4. Hurt    
4 stars
5. It’s You    
5 stars
6. Waste     
4 stars
7. Jah Know    
5 stars
8. One of a Kind    
4 stars
9. The Higher Crown   
3 stars
10. Shadowridge   
3.75 stars
11. Together    
4 stars
12. Always   
4 stars

Grade: 85.42 (B)


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