Lostprophets: Start Something

Lostprophets Start Something.jpg2004

I wrote a review of this album a few year ago…I am changing the format of my reviews and felt like this is one I wanted to do right now. A lot of times we can listen to certain albums and they take us back to a time. This album came out during my 8th grade year but I didn’t actually get it until the summer before I started high school…I fell in love with this album in a way and I feel it has a strong connection to that period of my life. I was actually going through a lot that year. I actually had to have an open heart surgery which put me in bed for a few months…This is one of the albums that helped me through that time and I will forever have a certain bond with it for that. This album was this bands biggest success I believe and still stands up. This album has a certain tone to it that just translates so well. It gets aggressive at the right moments, it becomes soothing in others, it has a bit of chaos, and it has a lot of passion. This is a unique rock album that stands out in it’s own way and I personally still find it very enjoyable to this day.

1. We Still Kill The Old Way     4.5 stars
2. To Hell We Ride      4.5 stars
3. Last Train Home    
5 stars
4. Make A Move    
5 stars
5. Burn, Burn   
5 stars
6. I Don’t Know   
4 stars
7. Hello Again  
4.5 stars
8. Goodbye Tonight   
5 stars
9. Start Something   
3.75 stars
10. A Million Miles  
4.5 stars
11. Last Summer   
5 stars
12. We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan  
2.75 stars
13. Sway    
4.75 stars

Grade: 89.62 (B+)


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