Bush: Black and White Rainbows



“Black and White Rainbows” continues this bands trend of more “Alternative” sounding rock music away from its grunge roots. It’s not a bad thing at all but some fans may enjoy their earlier music more. This album is good and has a sort of relaxing and loving vibe as can be first seen in the album cover.

1. Mad Love  5 stars
2. Peace-s   5 stars
3. Water   4.5 stars
4. Lost in You  3.5 stars
5. Sky Turns Day Glo  4 stars
6. Toma Mi Corazón  4 stars
7. All the Worlds Within You   4 stars
8. Nurse   4 stars
9. The Beat of Your Heart  4.5 stars
10. Dystopia  4.5 stars
11. Ray of Light  4 stars
12. Ravens   4 stars
13. Nothing but a Car Chase   3.5 stars
14. The Edge of Love   4 stars
15. People At War  4 stars

Grade: 83.3 (B)


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