Depeche Mode: Spirit

Depeche Mode - Spirit cover.jpg


Spirit is an album that seems to be observant of the world around us. This album is pretty politically charged in many of the songs. The albums first song talks about “Going Backwards” and making the same mistakes again. The lead single “Where’s The Revolution” is creepy and powerful, as is much of this album. I feel like the band really accomplished what they wanted with this album. It feels haunting in a way that catches your attention and makes you analyze the message that is being portrayed throughout. This is an album of revolution, of standing up, and of fighting corruption…I think this might be an album that takes a while to sink in but a few years down the road will be looked back on with some appreciation as a staple of the time.

  1. Going Backwards   5 stars
  2. Where’s The Revolution   5 stars
  3. The Worst Crime   4 stars
  4. Scum   4.5 stars
  5. You Move   4 stars
  6. Cover Me   4 stars
  7. Eternal    4 stars
  8. Poison Heart    4 stars
  9. So Much Love   4.5 stars
  10. Poorman   4 stars
  11. No More    5 stars

Grade: 87.27 (B+)


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